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COVID-19 Health Care Workers


This position is subject to close once a satisfactory applicant pool has been identified

Temporary, Part-Time, Hourly Position
$15.00 per hour

LOCATION: Columbus Department of Public Health, 2100 Comer Ave., Columbus, GA, 2nd Floor, Health & Human Services Center

DUTIES: Under supervision, this position will be responsible for data entry and administrative support for COVID-19 vaccine clinics and COVID-19 testing sites. Health Care workers will use a tablet or computer to register patients, enter data, prepare test kits for patients, demonstrate nasal self-swabbing, assist with COVID specimen collection after patient self-swabs, and handle specimens. Must be able to stand/walk for long periods of time, tolerate heat and/or cold while working outside wearing a face mask and other necessary PPE for the duration of the shift.

QUALIFICATIONS: HS Diploma or GED. Previous experience in Data Entry is required.

All West Central Health District 7 employees are deemed essential workers in the event of an emergency. As such, you may be called on to participate in an event including but not limited to: staffing a shelter, working at a Specimen Point of Collection Site (SPOC) and/or working at a Point of Dispensing site (POD). If you are called on to participate, you are required to report to the designated site as a condition of employment, whether the emergency occurs during or outside regular work hours.

An applicant who has a disability, which requires special accommodations, should contact Human Resources at 706-321-6127.

All Applicants Must Apply At: www.dph.georgia.gov Click on “About DPH” then “Careers”.
Locate this position and Click “Apply” to begin your application.

Applicants chosen for employment may be subject to the following:
• Criminal Background Check/Fingerprinting
• Reference Checks
• Pre-Employment Drug Screening
• I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification