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Cure Violence Coordinator


This position is subject to close once a satisfactory applicant pool has been identified

LOCATION: District Administration, West Central Health District Office, 2100 Comer Ave., Columbus, GA, 2nd Floor, Health & Human Services Center

Cure Violence is a strategic evidence-based public health approach to reduce and prevent shootings and killings in communities in Columbus with a high burden of homicide. This position is responsible for overall management of the program and Cure Violence team. This position is also responsible for building relationships with community-based groups, residents, elected officials, and law enforcement to educate community stakeholders about the Cure Violence program, to identify resources, collaboration efforts, and to assists community mobilization efforts around the issue of violence to help facilitate community norm change. Requires flexibility to travel and work various community sites in Columbus.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s Degree in a social service-related field from an accredited college or university AND Two years of experience in a social services-related field, with at least one year in a supervisory role OR high school diploma or GED AND Four years of experience in a social services-related position, with one year in a supervisory role.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Preference will be given to local community residents with strong community ties. Self-motivated, team player with a desire to succeed and learn, good motivational skills to encourage participation and learning, ability to manage multiple duties simultaneously. Have a working knowledge of the City of Columbus community.

All West Central Health District 7 employees are deemed essential workers in the event of an emergency. As such, you may be called on to participate in an event including but not limited to: staffing a shelter, working at a Specimen Point of Collection Site (SPOC) and/or working at a Point of Dispensing site (POD). If you are called on to participate, you
are required to report to the designated site as a condition of employment, whether the emergency occurs during or outside regular work hours.

An applicant who has a disability, which requires special accommodation, should contact the Human Resources office at 706-321-6127.

All Applicants Must Apply At: www.dph.georgia.gov Click on “About DPH” then “Careers”. Locate this position and Click “Apply” to begin your application.

Applicants chosen for employment may be subject to the following:
•Criminal Background Check/Fingerprinting
•Reference Checks
•Pre-Employment Drug Screening
•I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification