Babies Can’t Wait (BCW) is Georgia’s Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers from birth to their third birthday who have an established risk of a Developmental Delay due to a diagnosed physical or mental condition. Babies Can’t Wait provides the initial Evaluation and Assessment, which is conducted by a qualified team of professionals to determine eligibility and the scope of services and supports needed. Babies Can’t Wait also provides Service Coordination to assist families in accessing services, and identifying resources and natural supports in their local communities. The Evaluation and Assessment as well as ongoing Service Coordination is provided at no cost to families.

Babies Can’t Wait Brochure

Babies Can’t Wait Brochure- Spanish

Who Is Eligible for Babies Can’t Wait?

Baby 1 webBCW serves children from birth up to their third birthday, regardless of income, who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a diagnosed physical or mental condition which is known to result in a developmental delay, such as blindness, Down syndrome, or Spina Bifida; or
  • Have a significant developmental delay identified by BCW’s qualified team of professionals.

What Services Does BCW Provide?

  • Multidisciplinary evaluation to determine eligibility and multidisciplinary assessments to determine the scope of services and supports needed.
  • Service coordination to develop/monitor the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), which assists the family and other professionals in developing a plan to enhance the child’s development. Service coordination also connects the family with other community resources, and help transition the child to other programs/resources after the age of three.
  • The following services and supports may also be available to children and families enrolled in BCW:
    • Assistive Technology
    • Family Training and Counseling
    • Physical Therapy
    • Special Instruction
    • Psychological Services
    • Nutrition Services
    • Transportation to Services Audiology
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Social Work Services
    • Nursing Services
    • Vision Services

Early Intervention Services through BCW are provided in Natural Environments i.e. places where children live, learn, and play, to increase their opportunities to practice new skills within the family’s normal routines and daily activities.

Developmental Signs
Here are some signs to look for at each stage of your baby’s early growth. Remember, babies grow and learn at their own speed. But, if your baby is far behind his or her age, he or she may need special help. It is important to get help early because babies learn the most in their first three years of life.

At 3 months does your baby:

  • turn head toward bright colors and lights
  • follow moving object with eyes
  • respond to loud sounds
  • wiggle and kick with legs and arms
  • smile
  • make sounds
  • lift head while on stomach

bcw3At 6 months does your baby:

  • reach for toys and pick them up
  • move toys from one hand to another
  • roll over (both ways)
  • play with feet
  • babble
  • help hold bottle while feeding

At 9 months does your baby:

  • sit up with back straight
  • say “mama” and “dada”
  • pick up things with fingers
  • crawl and try to stand up
  • At 12 months does your baby:
  • pull self to standing position
  • crawl on hands and knees
  • drink from cup
  • wave bye-bye
  • lay peek-a-boo and patty cake
  • say 1 or 2 words

At 18 months does your baby:

  • pull off shoes and mittens
  • feed self some
  • walk without help
  • like to look around
  • use 8-10 words that are understood
  • turn pages in a book

At 24 months does your baby:

  • use sentences
  • say names of toys
  • run
  • know where eyes and nose are
  • play alone
  • stack blocks
  • take clothes off

bcw4At 36 months does your baby:

  • walk up steps
  • know name
  • wash hands
  • play with other children
  • use toilet
  • hop on one foot
  • use 3-5 word sentences
  • open door
  • name colors

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