District Health Emergency Assistance Resource Team

Mission Statement

The DHEART facilitates and coordinates preparedness activities for the district and is chaired by the District Health Director and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator with members from the management team and others within the health department who specialize in specific areas sitting on the committee.

The DHEART ensures a high level of readiness and is convened monthly to discuss and review the Internal Operating Procedures (IOPs) as necessary.

The DHEART also coordinates the updates of the District IOPs, ensures the updates and performance of the annual refresher training and exercises, and funnels issues to and from the Department of Public Health’s Health Emergency Assistance and Resource Team (HEART).

The division-level HEART examines changes in federal, State, or local government structure, changes in State law, technological changes, or other actions that may have an effect on the Department of Public Health’s ability to respond to an event threatening the health of the citizens of Georgia.

The DHEART, like the HEART, may convene as needed during the response phase to address policy or programmatic issues.