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Birth Control

Counseling for Abstinence

Saying NO to sex UNTIL YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU ARE READY TO ACCEPT ALL THE CONSEQUENCES AND RESPONSIBILITIES THAT GO ALONG WITH BEING SEXUALLY ACTIVE IS CALLED ABSTINENCE . This is the only method that is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and STD’s. Click here for more information about choosing abstinence.

Birth Control Pills, Patch, Nuvaring

Stops ovaries from releasing egg. Thickens cervical mucous so it is hard for sperm to enter the womb. If you follow all instructions very carefully, these methods are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. If you are not careful, only 92% effective. These methods are simple to use and don’t interfere with sex. There is less bleeding and cramping during your period. Birth Control Pills can improve acne. A condom must be used with these methods to prevent STD’s. There are few serious problems for young women with these methods. There is a very small chance of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. You may have spotting and bleeding, weight changes and moodiness.


Also known as “rubbers,” fits over the erect penis and catches sperm when the male ejaculates. If the condom is used correctly 100 % of the time, it is 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. If it is not used correctly, it is 85 % effective in preventing pregnancy.

Some people are allergic to latex condoms. Condoms can irritate the vagina or the penis. Condoms can protect against HIV and other STDs.

Depo Provera

A shot of artificial hormones given every 12 weeks. Works in preventing pregnancy by stopping the ovaries from releasing an egg. Also thickens the cervical mucus so it is hard for sperm to enter the womb. This method is greater than 99% effective if all instructions are followed. Doesn’t interfere with sex and lasts for 3 months. Often decreases or stops the menstrual flow. May cause heavy irregular bleeding. May cause weight gain, moodiness, headaches or dizziness. No protection against HIV and other STDs. This is a good method for those who have problems remembering to take a pill.


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