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COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Registration

The Covid-19 Vaccine is currently available at no cost to any individual in Phase 1A who wants to receive it.  At this time, availability of the vaccine is limited.   It is not mandated that anyone receive the vaccine.  All phases are based upon vaccine availability.  At this time, manufacturers have sole control of when vaccines ordered will be processed and shipped.

HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS who would like to assist in administering the vaccine to their patients, please visit the link below to begin the registration process.

Vaccine Information for Healthcare Providers

Phase 1A+

  • Paid or unpaid healthcare workers who are at high risk of exposure to COVID-19 patients or infectious materials, including but not limited to:
  • Healthcare Workers, including nurses, physicians, EMS, laboratory technicians, environmental services, etc)
  • Long-term care facilities (LTCF) staff and residents
  • Adults 65+ and their caregivers
  • Law Enforcement, Fire personnel (including volunteer fire departments) dispatchers, 9-1-1 operators

If you are in the Phase 1A+ Category AND need to receive the vaccine from your local health department please complete the registration form below.  After you register here, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY E-MAIL, TEXT, or PHONE for your appointment time.  Any email or text received for an appointment for a vaccine is meant solely for the person to whom it was sent.

Phase 1 A Vaccination Registration Form

**Each individual must register for the vaccine.  A health care provider’s office manager cannot register for the entire office.  All staff members must register individually.

Phase 1B – This phase is NOT open at this time.

  • Essential Workers (nonhealthcare) who perform job tasks across critical infrastructure sectors, ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health, safety, economic and national security.

Phase 1B registration is NOT open at this time.

Phase 1C – This phase is NOT open at this time.

  • Adults aged 16 to 64 with high-risk medical conditions
  • Other essential workers

Phase 1C registration is NOT open at this time. 

Phase 2 – This phase is NOT open at this time.

  • Adults between the ages of 40 to 64
  • Individuals in congregate settings, such as homeless shelters, group homes, dormitories
  • Individuals in jails, prisons, detention centers
  • Any others living in congregate settings

Phase 2 registration is NOT open at this time. 

Phase 3 – This phase is NOT open at this time.

  • Workers in industries important to a functioning society and at moderate risk of exposure as listed in the executive orders, such as restaurant workers, hairstylists, barbers, etc.
  • Young adults aged 16 to 39

Phase 3 registration is NOT open at this time. 

Phase 4 – This phase is NOT open at this time.

  • Everyone residing in Georgia for whom the vaccine is recommended, who was not included in any of the previous phases.
  • Children, once the vaccine is approved for pediatric use.

Phase 4 registration is NOT open at this time. 

Vaccine FAQ – 1-19-21

Georgia Vaccination Locations

Georgia COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline – 888-357-0169