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COVID-19 Updates, Guidance and Services

COVID-19 Call Center
Monday – Friday –  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Your Test is Positive/ Your Test is Negative- What Should You Do?

How Contact Tracing Works in Georgia 

The Difference Between Quarantine and Isolation

What to do if you are sick with COVID-19/ 1-26-21 

What to do if you are exposed to someone with COVID-19 / 5-10-21

Quarantine Guidance for those with no symptoms / 12-9-20

Healthcare Personnel Return to Work Guidance /3-17-21

NON HCP Return to Work Guidance / 12-4-2020

Return to School / Childcare Guidance /2-11-21 

Return to School Guidance – School Teams /3-24-21

Georgia School Guidance K-12 /6-2-21

Back-to-School-Planning-for-In-Person-Classes / 12-9-20

Back-to-School-Planning-for-Virtual-or-At-Home-Learning / 12-9-20

Appendices for School Guidance

Guidance for Long-Term Care Facilities 5-17-21

Guidance for Child Care /4-22-21

Guidance for Churches/Places of Worship

Guidance for Restaurants and Bars / 3-31-21

Guidance for Body Art Studios 

Guidance for Tourist Accommodations

International Travel – Request for Clearance Letter

Public Pool Guidance 

Guidance for Waterpark Operators 

Funeral Directors and Mortuary Science Guidance 4-12-21

Información en Español

Qué hacer si está enfermo con el nuevo coronavirus /1-26-21

 Que’ debe hacer si estuvo expuesto a alguien con COVID-19/ 3-9-21

Cómo funciona el rastreo de contactos en Georgia

Guía de regreso al trabajo para el personal de atención médica luego de haber tenido o haber estado expuesto al COVID-19 / 11-5-20

Guía para el regreso a la guardería, escuela o instituciones de educación superior (IHE) después de una exposición o enfermedad por COVID-19

Guia de regreso a la escuela y a los servicios de cuidados infantiles despues de haber tenido o haber estado espuesto al COVID-19/ 12-10-20

Orientacion  para restaurantes y bares / 8-15-20

To report a complaint:

If you have a complaint related to COVID-19 regarding a Food Service (restaurants), Hotels, Tattoo and Body Art, or pool facility that is regulated by the health department, please call the COVID-19 Call Center at 706-653-6613.

For complaints on facilities that the health department does NOT regulate OR complaints about people being positive for COVID-19 please visit:
Click on  “Constituent Services Online Form.”
Select COVID-19 Concerns and enter your complaint.
You will be required to enter your contact information.

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