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Body Art Establishments – Health Inspection Reports

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The Columbus Department of Public Health issues annual permits for Tattoo Studios located in Muscogee County. Inspections of these facilities are performed to ensure safety measures are appropriately taken by the operator of the facility.

If you are going to undergo a body art procedure in Muscogee County, please ask to see the Tattoo Studio Permit, the permit of the Tattoo Artist that will be doing your work, and the last routine inspection that the studio has received. All of these items should be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises.

If you have any questions about the permit status of a studio or an artist within Muscogee County, please call the Environmental Health Department 706-321-6170.

Body Art Information/Risks

Establishment                                     Inspection Report Dates

13th Street Tattoo                                  4-15-21

Above All Tattoos                                  12-15-20 /10-9-19 / 1-10-19  / 1-4-17

Arch Angel Tattoo                                 12-10-20 /10-9-19 / 12-18-18

Atomic Tattoo                                        11-3-20 / 10-22-19 / 1 -7-19

Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery                  6-2-21 /10-9-19 /1-18-19  / 12-29-16

Broken Tarot, LLC                                4-5-21

Budget Cuts and Styles                        12-13-19

Electric Panda Tattoo Company        6/29/2110-9-19 /10-19-18

Infamous Ink                                         11-6-20 /10-9-19 /11-1-18  /12-28-16

Iron Rose Tattoo Studio                      11-25-20 /10-22-19 /1-7-19

Kerry Mac Salon and Spa                    12-18-20 /7-5-19

Little Bee Creations                              11-12-21

Loyalty Tattoo                                        12-17-20 / 10-9-19 /12-18-18 /10-16-17

Mad Tatter Tattoo Parlor                    12-17-20 /12-3-19

Main Event Tattoo                                6-14-21

New Revolution Tattoo Studio           3-1-20 / 1-15-19

Silver Eagle Tattoo Company              5-25-21/ 3-11-20 /12-18-18

Soulbound Tattoo                                  12-18-206-3-19 


Rules and Regulations
Columbus – Body Art Studios and Tattoo Body Piercing Artists Rules and Regulations 1.4.2020

GA DPH COVID-19 Body Art Studio Guidance