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Healthy Start


Healthy Start is a new program offered through the Columbus Health Department and part of Georgia Strong Families.

This new program is focused on improving pregnancy outcomes and reducing infant mortality. Healthy Start programs provide information, resources, and support to pregnant and parenting women and their families to ensure a healthy pregnancy and to help nurture their newborns.

Healthy Start supports women before, during, and after pregnancy by addressing their physical and emotional health needs.  Our program also works with fathers, as well as the entire family to provide support.  Community partners also work with each family to create strong, resilient relationships between mom, dad, and siblings.

Expectant mothers and women of child bearing age from 18 to 49 are eligible for services.  There is no financial qualification.  Healthy Start also works with infants and children up to 18 months.

Healthy Start provides:

  • Home Visitation
  • Prenatal and Parenting Education
  • Case Management
  • Linkages to Community Social Services

For more information, contact Kiara Loud at  or call 706-321-6362.