Children’s Services

For Newborns and Toddlers:

  • Birth Certificates – from getting a copy of your child’s birth certificate to paternity acknowledgements, our Vital Records staff is ready to help.
  • Car Seat Education Class– After successful completion of the class, eligible individuals will receive a car seat for their child at no charge.
    Please complete the form and someone will contact you for one of our monthly classes.
    Car Seat Education and Safety Class
  • Children with Special Needs – We offer services for children and youth with special needs, from birth to age 21 and their families. These services are designed to assist children in reaching their optimal developmental and physical health as well as to minimize the effects of possible secondary complications.
  • ImmunizationsVaccines are an important part of keeping your child healthy and safe. Your county health department can help ensure your baby’s vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • Breastfeeding Support – Research has shown that there is no better food than breast milk for a baby’s first year of life. The WIC program offers many benefits to breastfeeding mothers. Visit our Breastfeeding Support page for more details.
  • WIC – The Women Infants and Children (WIC) program is a nutrition program that provides healthy food, nutrition education and other services free of charge to Georgia families who qualify.

For School-Aged Children:

  • School Health – Our School Health program assists students by offering scoliosis screening, immunization audits and providing certificates for school and daycare.
  • Immunizations – Vaccines aren’t just for babies. Your child will need additional vaccinations as he or she grows, and certain immunizations are required for school entry. We can help!
  • Lead Testing – Lead is a dangerous chemical that can be found in some paints, toys, even glassware. It’s important to know if your child has been exposed to lead. Our Environmental Health team can provide lead testing. Visit your county clinic page and contact us to see if your child should be tested for lead exposure.
  • Dental Health – The Columbus Health Department Dental Clinic is a general dental office focusing primarily on the treatment and care of children between the ages of one and twenty-one.

Vaccination Schedules:

Immunization Schedules for Infants. Children, Adolescents and Teens